donika vata

Donika Vata, MD

Medical Writer

Expertise  Dermatology

Education  General Medicine at University of Pristina


  • Seasoned medical professional with 5+ years of experience in the field of medicine.
  • Proven track record of working with over 10 companies, utilizing expertise in medical writing, researching, and reviewing.
  • Proficient in producing high-quality content, including books, blog posts, articles, research papers, and social media medical content.
  • Experienced in managing social media platforms related to medicine, effectively engaging with a diverse audience and promoting healthcare awareness.
  • Well-versed in remote medical practice, having successfully provided virtual healthcare consultations and advice to patients.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver exceptional patient care in private clinics, maintaining a strong reputation for professionalism.


  • Medical Doctor- Private Clinic
  • Medical Author and Reviewer- HealthReporter
  • Medical Author and Researcher- SkincareTopNews
  • Medical Doctor- Telehealth Digital Clinic
  • Medical Writer- German Cancer Center
  • Medical Doctor- Skinara


  • Graduated with a General Medicine degree from the University of Hasan Prishtina.
  • Continuously expanding knowledge and expertise through active participation in worldwide conferences and seminars.
  • Keen interest in staying updated with recent inventions, breakthroughs, and advancements in the field of dermatology.
  • Committed to lifelong learning and ongoing professional development, pursuing additional certifications and training opportunities in relevant areas.


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